Looking for a way to raise money for a special cause, school or organization? We Bee Poppin offers a simple way to generate funds for any program. Unlike your average cookie dough or cheesecake fundraiser, this option doesn't require your participant to have a large freezer at home or to go out of their way to prepare and thaw out desserts. You may easily store your packages of popcorn and take it anywhere with you! Not to mention, there are a variety flavors!  And say goodbye to those weekend community car washes because a fundraiser with We Bee Poppin will save you from wasting all of that time and energy!! 


    Q. Are late orders accepted?
    A. Yes, but they may not be delivered with the initial order.
    Q. How big is the bag of popcorn?
    A. Each bag has approximately 8 cups of popcorn. The bag is 7”x11”.
    Q. How long is the popcorn good for? 
    A. 4-6 weeks but trust us, you wont be able to resist it that long.
    Q. How do I submit my order?
    Please feel Free to contact us with any questions! Once again thank you for choosing We Bee Poppin!